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Pola Zen

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Pola Zen is the Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing at Quotient, a digital media and promotions technology company powered by first-party verified location intelligence, purchase intent and consumer spending data that delivers valuable outcomes for consumers, brands and retailers.

An award-winning storyteller, Pola explores how the combination of ideas, technology and distribution have the power to connect people and create meaningful experiences. Her career began in film and television, where she worked as a director and script supervisor for a decade before transitioning into technology. Since then she has led marketing strategies for digital analytics and eCommerce solutions, and was VP Marketing at Ubimo leading up to the acquisition by Quotient in 2019.

Fascinated by digital behavior and Gen Z, she has studied and shares consumer trends, and the impact new technologies have on people, products and brands.

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior forever. The digital transformation has been exponentially accelerated and adopted by all generations, and the relationships between consumers and brands are fragile and unstable. Loyalty is wavering, creating a unique opportunity for challenger brands to win market share while forcing traditional brands to step up and be the leaders we expect them to be. 

In order to succeed in this new environment brands must understand their consumers – the needs, expectations and priorities in this new value-driven world. 

This conference explores the behavioral changes brought on by the pandemic and offers a toolkit of knowledge and tactics to adapt to this new world and create meaningful relationships between brands and consumers to build a successful future for retail.

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